Sod and Seed

Shades of Green can analyze your turf and lawn needs to recommend the type of seed or sod installation that will best suit your needs. Bermuda, Fescue and Rye the most used varieties are available. Whether you are dealing with heavy shade or intense sun, we’ll design a solution to beautify your surroundings.

Shades of Green can establish a lawn by two different methods: turfgrass sod or seeding/hydroseeding.

Sodding: We can create an instant lawn by applying strips of sod to prepared soil.

Seeding and Hydroseeding: We can apply a variety of turf-grass seeds to prepared soil and carefully tend while allowing it to grow in place to maturity. If we incorporate a mixture of mulching material with the seed at time of application, this is called hydroseeding.

Sodding has a number of  benefits:

    * Immediate visual impact - enjoy a beautiful instant lawn without the usual time-consuming hassles and costs related to seeding.

    * Usability - low traffic is possible immediately and normal high traffic levels is possible within two to three weeks. Because of this, sod stops mud tracking immediately. Seeded areas allow traffic use two to four months after seeding and normal to high use only after the first year.

    * Less mess - sod stops mud tracking immediately.

    * Sod stops washouts - Heavy rains on seeded sloped areas will cause newly planted seed and immature grass, chemicals and silt to wash onto sidewalks and into sewer systems. Sodded slopes can handle heavy rain without erosion or damage

    * Weed control – our premium sod requires little, if any, chemicals as it is cultivated using quality seed and a expert weed program while on the sod field. On the other hand, most seeded areas will multiple applications of chemicals to combat weed invasions until the turf is firmly established. Even with quality seed, there are usually weed seeds are in the soil used as a top layer at the installation side. Sod that is properly installed, even if over weed infested soil, will stop the growth of most weeds.

Sod Lawns are less work

Our professional sod lawns need no special care and simple maintenance. Simply water, mow and fertilize your sod lawn as needed. Easier yet, allow Shades of Green to take care of your landscaping needs for you.

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