Landscape Lighting

 To help you determine the type of landscape lighting that works best for your home we advise you to take a look at the outdoor lighting of homes in your neighborhood.  Be alert to the different effects that seem suitable to your yard. The appeal of good lighting is mainly a matter of individual taste but sometimes there are other rules of thumb to go by.

Common deficiencies in lighting design are easy to identify:

    * Too bright - too many lights or lights that are too strong

    * High contrast - bright light surrounded by large dark areas

    * A general lack of variety - the same lighting technique throughout the yard, or the opposite: overly dramatic lighting

    * Mis-directed lighting - lights that shine into the windows of your home or into a neighbors home

    * Too many lights - a delicate balance is necessary and too many lights too close together can appear unprofessional

    * Unbalanced lighting that divides the various landscape features

    * Glare from non-sheilded light sources can detract from the intended effect

    * Dim lights or large variations in light-to-light brightness indicate bad design


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