During the summer of 2008, we contracted with John Eccles and Shades of Green to design and construct a patio and walkway around the back side or our residence.  We provided the general lay-out and talked to John about the various options including decking material, pavers, flagstone and combinations of each.  Our situation was complicated by an existing pergola, an extruding sunroom, home air conditioning units and an extreme slope to the yard.

After careful consideration, John suggested the flagstone patio with a boulder border.  According to John, the mossy boulders would provide a natural visual appearance while helping to confine and support the additional material needed to level up the patio and walkway areas.  Before we agreed, John offered to show us some boulder samples that were available at his lot in Harrah.  Additional boulders were readily available in SE Oklahoma .  

John took additional time to explain each segment of the construction process making us feel very comfortable with the team we were about to select.  John also provided a detailed cost estimate and fully explained our payment requirements.  We agreed to all terms and signed with Shades of Green to begin construction.

Our patio project was completed on schedule, in mid-July, 2008.  We are both very pleased with the results and now enjoy spending more time on the new patio.  Our patio is practical, functional, and very pleasing to the eye.  The design, as John suggested, really enhances the "natural" look of our back yard.  Upkeep is minimal, and the boulders that John selected are very secure and easy to mow around.  While on-site, John and his entire staff were courteous, professional and efficient.  Further, they took additional time each day to ensure the work site was clean and safe.

Finally, the work crew filled in and leveled the tracks in the yard that were left behind from the front-end loader used to haul the boulders and flagstone.  Two months after the project was completed, our yard looks the same as it did before Shades of Green arrived.  The one obvious change would be the beautiful patio that now graces our back yard area.  We would highly recommend Shades of Green for any of your back-yard remodeling.


Dan and Sue Dorsey

Choctaw, OK


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